Hey! I'm Mia, a professional singer and, as you can probably guess, founding member of 'The Miacats'. Unlike many professional bands these days, we formed the old fashioned way (not put together by agencies), and we are proud to be self-managed and independent. Thank you so much for checking us out!


Back in 2015 I started jamming some tunes with a few musician friends (I think we began with some Green Day and Avril Lavigne!). We would hang out in a basement, strip songs back to the melody, acoustic guitar and add lots of harmonies. It was a fun little side project to our other bands and music projects, but we kept being offered gigs!

In 2017 I met Dan, (future Miacats member and boyfriend) whilst performing on a cruise ship based out of New York, I was the lead singer and he was lead guitarist for the house band. We had both been called in last minute and had never previously met, so it's pretty lucky we got along! 


We started working on acoustic versions of songs in our downtime onboard and when we returned to the UK we continued performing together and working on arrangements for 'The Miacats'. We quickly found ourselves playing live on BBC Radio, at festivals, at wedding bloggers events, and invited back to the high seas with luxury cruise line, Celebrity Cruises. 2018 has been a whirlwind of travelling, gigs, live recording sessions and fun, and 2019 looks set to be just as crazy.


What started as a basement jam has somehow become a busy, international live project. We now play our acoustic takes on everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Ed Sheeran as a duo, trio and 4 piece band, and even have an electric set (it's been described as 'epic'... who are we to disagree?) for when the occasion calls for it.


The original concept of taking great songs, a fresh look and pushing our musicianship to the next level has remained with us. We get to travel, do what we love, and hopefully spread a little happiness through music. We hope you enjoy the tunes!

©2018 by The Miacats.